Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Synthesis, characterization & antimicrobial screeni ng of 1-(substituted phenyl)-2,5-bis(ethylsulfanyl)-1H-pyrrole-3,4-dicar baldehydes

Author(s): A. P. Rajput and *A. R. Kankhare

The heterocyclic compounds are very much importance due to their biological activities. The formyl gro up attached to pyrrole molecules make them promising precursors for further synthetic transformation. Thioether co mpounds possess broad spectrum biological activities such a s fungicidal[8], insecticidal, herbicidal & plant g rowth regulating activities. Some heterocyclic thioether derivatives have been also reported to exhibit goo d antiviral activities[7]. Due to these uses many workers are interested in the synthesis of thioether compounds with heterocycles[1-3]. To achieve our aim we diformylat ed succinimides using Vilsmeier- Haack reagent to g et 2,5 dicloro – 3,4 diformyl ( N- substituted phenyl) pyr roles. The succinimides in turn were obtained from succinic acid and substituted anilines. The diformylated compoun ds were then converted into thioether derivatives b y treating with sodium sulphide, ethyl bromide in dry DMF as s olvent[12-13]. All the compounds were characterized and screened for antimicrobial activities.

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