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Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies and Mechanical Properties of Unidirectional L-alanine Acetate Single crystal

Author(s): G. Prabagaran, M. Victor Antony Raj, S. Arulmozhi and J. Madhavan

Unidirectional <100> L-alanine acetate (LAlA) single crystal was grown for the first time and reported. The grown crystal was characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction (XRD) studies to confirm the crystal structure. Investigation has been carried out to assign the vibrational frequencies of the grown crystals by Fourier Transform infrared (FT-IR) and Fourier Transform Raman (FT-Raman) spectroscopy technique. The mechanical properties of the grown crystals have been studied using Vickers microhardness tester. The Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) in the sample was confirmed and estimated by Nd: YAG laser employing the Kurtz and Perry powder technique. The laser damage threshold of the grown crystal was also found. Thermal stability of the grown crystal was determined by Thermogravimetic (TG) and Differential theromogravimetric (DTG) analysis. Dielectric and photoconductivity studies were also carried out for the grown LAlA crystals.

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