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Antibiotic resistance ofEscherichia colipathogenic forpoultry

Author(s): M. Gaouar Yadi, N. Gaouar Borsali, Boudilmi A.

The Regional Veterinary Laboratory Center of Tlemcen, in collaboration with veterinary centers of Oran monitor together the network of epidemiological surveillance of antibiotic resistance among key bacterial pathogens in poultry. This monitoring is based on the collection and processing of results of susceptibility tests routinely performed by veterinary laboratories network members. Regarding the poultry industry, 2615 results of susceptibility testing were recorded in 2002nearly 80% were performed for strains of Escherichia coli. The percentages of strains susceptible to tetracycline, amoxicillin and the association sulfonamides/trimethoprim were respectively16.1%, 45.6%and 55.9%. The percentages of susceptible strains for the remaining 13molecules studied vary between71.3% and 99.7%. SerovarO78K80 represents18.7% of E.coli that were the subject of sensitivity. The percentages of susceptible strains belonging to this serovar are statistically lower than those of serovarsO1andO2K1K1to9antibioticsamong16studied.The center veterinarian can monitor the proportion of bacteria that have acquire done or more resistance mechanisms the different anti-infective used in animal husbandry and detect the possible emergence of new resistant phenotypes.


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