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Anti-inflammatory effects test of ethanol extract of mistletoe leaves coffee Scurrula ferruginea (jack) danser with methods granuloma pouch.

Author(s): Dillasamola D, Dharma S, Yufri Aldi, Isril Berd, A. Hadyan and Biomechy Oktomalio P.

Scurrula ferruginea (Jack) Danser commonly found in tropical regions of Asian continent, belonging to the Family Loranthaceae. In Indonesia, this plant is used for the treatment of breast cancer. This study aims to determine the ability of the ethanol extract of the leaves Scurrula ferruginea (Jack) Danser in reducing inflammation volume that formed and to know the influence given to the total percentage of leukocytes in the blood. This study was conducted using male white mice 2-3 months old, as many as 30 individuals who were randomly divided into 6 groups; 1 control group, only given vaseline flava only; 4 dosage groups were given ethanol extract at a dose of 1 %, 2 %, 5 % and 10 %; 1 comparison group, given hydrocortisone acetate. The method used is a method of granuloma pouch, the inflammation was produced by subcutan injection of carragen on the backs of the mice. The results showed that the ethanol extract of Scurrula ferruginea (Jack) Danser can reduce the volume of edema on the backs of male white mice with p <(0.05). Ethanol extract of Scurrula ferruginea (Jack) Danser’s leaves dose 10 % had given the highest anti-inflammatory effects (58,55 %). Ethanol extract of Scurrula ferruginea (Jack) Danser also can influence the amount of leukocytes in the blood of male white mice. Percentage calculations of the amount of leukocytes from the blood of mice, neutrophils and monocyte cells increases while eosinophils and lymphocytes decreased with the concentration increases.


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