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Biochemical and Immunomorphometric Comparative Study Using Neem and Propolis Extracts For Hepatorenal Protection in Rats

Author(s): Yassen NN, El-Sayed ME, Hazaa MM, El-Dougdoug KA, Othman, M, Elwan EE

Background: Exposure to Alternariol or Patulin toxin is known to have toxic effects in different animal species, and to express toxicity in cells.

Purpose: The aim of this study is to compare the protective effect of Neem and Propolis extracts in hepatorenal toxicity caused by some mycotoxins.

Study design: Animals were divided into seven groups each of 5 animals and received single oral dose of 3 ml/rat, group 1, received A. alternata toxin; group 2, Alternaria alternate plus neem extract; group 3, A. alternata plus propolis extract; group 4, received Penicillium expansum toxin; group 5, P. expansum Patulin extract plus neem extract; group 6 P. expansum Patulin extract plus propolis extract; group 7, received normal water as a control.

Methods: ALT, Urea and Creatinine were detected in all groups after two weeks of feeding, the expression of Caspase-3 and iNOS in liver and kidney tissues were assessed immunomorphometrically by image analysis system.

Results: Animals received Alternariol or Patulin toxin alone showed significant changes in serum biochemical parameters and histological picture of the liver and kidney. Whereas, animals treated with Neem or Propolis extract in combination with Alternariol or Patulin toxins were comparable to control. The immunomorphometric parameter detected that the Propolis extract is more effective in the treatment especially with P. expansum toxin.

Conclusion: It could be concluded that the extract of Neem or Propolis induce its protective effect via increase the antioxidant capacity and the inhibition of lipid peroxidation.

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