Der Pharma Chemica
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Calcined Tungstophosphoric Acid: An Efficient Catalyst for One-pot Three-component Betti Bases Synthesis at Mild Reaction Condition

Author(s): Abdulrahman I Alharthi*

An efficient one-pot three-component Betti bases synthesis procedure has been developed. In the current study, substituted aldehydes β-napthol and aniline have been used in the presence of calcined tungstophosphoric acid as a heterogeneous catalyst with dichloromethane as a solvent at room temperature. Calcined (X) form of tungstophosphoric acid was compared with non calcined (Y) in terms of product yield and reaction time. The former exhibited better performance as compared to the latter. The study concluded that calcined tungstophosphoric acid acts as an efficient environmentally friendly catalyst for the one-pot three-component Betti bases synthesis under mild condition.

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