Chemical constituents of Cycas wadei | Abstract

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Chemical constituents of Cycas wadei

Author(s): Consolacion Y. Ragasa 1,2* , Vincent Antonio S. Ng 1 , Esperanza Maribel G. Agoo 3 and Chien-Chang Shen 4

Chemical investigation of the dichloromethane extra ct of Cycas wadei, a plant endemic to the Philippin es, led to the isolation of δ -tocopherol ( 1 ), β -sitosterol ( 2 ), β -sitosteryl fatty acid ester ( 3 ), triacylglycerol ( 4 ) from the megasporophyll lamina; 2 , trilinolein ( 5 ), a mixture of linoleic acid and oleic acid, and h ydrocarbons from the sarcotesta; 2 , chlorophyll a ( 6 ), fatty alcohol, and hydrocarbons from the leaflet s; a mixture of 2 and stigmasterol ( 7 ),squalene ( 8 ), and fatty alcohol from the petiole and rachis; 2 and 4 from the endotesta; 3 and 4 from the sclerotesta; and a mixture of 2 and 7 , 8 and fatty alcohol from the roots ofCycas wadei. The structures of these compoundswereidentified by comparison of their NMR data with literature data.


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