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Composition of the essential oil of Achillea filipendulina Lam. from Tajikistan

Author(s): Farukh S. Sharopova and William N Setzer

Achillea filipendulina Lam. was collected from two different sites in south-central Tajikistan. The essential oils were obtained by hydrodistillation and analyzed by gas chromatography – mass spectrometry. A total of 51 compounds were identified representing 99.0 and 98.8% of total oil compositions. The major components of A. filipendulina oil were santolina alcohol (43.6- 46.3%), 1,8-cineole (8.8-11.4%), borneol (5.3-6.0%), isoborneol (4.8-5.4%), and cischrysanthenyl acetate (6.5-9.3%).