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Correlation between IL-6 Concentration and TNF-├?┬▒ with the Stages of Infection for Patients Infected with HSV-1 and the Control Group

Author(s): Hussein Ali Kadhim, Siham Jassim al-Kaabi

Objective: It aims to Evaluation the level of interleukin-6 concentration and TNF-α with the stages of infection for patients infected with HSV-1 and the controls. Methodology: The study was conducted at Hakim General Hospital and Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital. was divided the number of samples that have been collected 64 samples from patients with herpes simplex virus type I by 32 blood samples during the primary infection and recurrent and 32 blood samples after recovery from of infection as well as 16 blood samples collected from healthy donors and promised as a control group and carried her diagnosis specific of Immunoglobulin IgM and IgG HSV-1. The statistical analysis, by using (statistical package for social sciences) SPSS and one way ANOVA test. The least significant difference was calculated at the level P<0.05. Results: The results were obtained, and there was a significant increase (P<0.05) the level between concentration of interleukin-6 and TFN-α in patients during primary and latent infection compared with the control group. Conclusion: Increase the level of interleukin-6 and TNF-α plays an important role in the resistance to the virus during primary infection and maintain the Status latent virus. Recommendation: Study detection of herpes simplex virus type I in patients with thyroid and know the level of some cytokines.


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