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Corrosion Behaviour of Ni-Ti Alloy and SS 18/8 Alloy in Artificial Saliva in the Presence of Ferikind Tablet

Author(s): Anandan A, Rajendran S, Sathiyabama J, Sathiyaraj D

The purpose of present study two types of orthodontic braces were investigated namely Ni-Ti Super Elastic Shape Memory alloy (Ni-Ti SESM alloy) and SS 18/8 alloy the corrosion behavior of orthodontic braces in the artificial saliva (AS solution) in the absence of tablet and presence of tablet Ferikind by using Potentiodynamic Polarization method and AC Impedance spectra techniques. Potentiodynamic Polarization study to determine cathodic or anodic reaction, corrosion current, linear polarization resistance and AC Impedance spectra techniques double layer capacitances, charge transfer resistances, impedance values calculated. It observed from the studies corrosion resistance of Ni-Ti SESM alloy increases in presence of tablet Ferikind and confirmed the protective layer formed on the Ni-Ti SESM alloy surface. The date showed that people implies with orthodontic braces made of Ni-Ti SESM alloy without hesitation to take Ferikind tablet. But corrosion resistance SS 18/8 alloy decreases in the presence of Ferikind and that people should avoid this tablet.

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