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Determination of the diffusion coefficient of sucrose in water and its hydrodynamic radius

Author(s): P. N. Ekemezie, J. O. Nwadiogbu and E. E. Enekwechi

In this work, the diffusion coefficient of sucrose was determined in four experiments by varying the initial concentrations at different time rates. The amount of sucrose that diffused into the solvent column was determined via a coulometric assay developed by Dubois et al. In 200secs and at initial concentration of 0.5gmL-1, the rate of diffusion was 99.43% while at the initial concentration of 3.0gmL-1 and in 800 secs the rate of diffusion was 99.88%. From the concentrations obtained after diffusion was allowed at the different time ranges, the average diffusion coefficient of 4.64 x 10-8cm2s-1 was obtained. This value is in agreement with that obtained from literature (4.586 x 10-8cm2S-1). The hydrodynamic radius of the sucrose was consequently evaluated to be 51.34pm