Fabrication and Characterization of Cefixime Containing Micro Emulsion for Parenteral Drug Delivery System | Abstract

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Fabrication and Characterization of Cefixime Containing Micro Emulsion for Parenteral Drug Delivery System

Author(s): Ashish Jain*, Bhushan Hatwar and Akhlesh Kumar Singhai

The development of an injectable or parenteral micro emulsion formulation of the antibiotic cefixime was the aim of this investigation. We identified cefixime, which is easily soluble in methanol and propylene glycol and just slightly soluble in ethanol and acetone. Cefixime is directly dissolved in the aqueous buffer to create organic solvent-free aqueous solutions for use in biological experiments. To define the limits of a micro emulsion’s existence, pseudo ternary phase diagrams of oil, surfactant, cosurfactant (butanol/isopropyl alcohol mixture) and water were created. Cefixime was added to the ideal micro emulsion composition at 3, 6 and 9% w/w. We assessed the conductivity, solution viscosity and particle size of the cefixime micro emulsion. After being diluted in 5% dextrose for injection with 1 mg/ml cefixime, the micro emulsion’s stability and hemolytic activity were tested. The stability of the micro emulsion was evaluated after three months of storage at 4 and 25°C. Based on solubility data, sesameoil/soybean oil/olive oil was chosen as the oil phase for the cefixime micro emulsion. Based on weight percent, the ideal cefixime micro emulsion formulation was 2.0 % cefixime, 9% oil (Soybean oil/sesame oil), 24% Tween 40, 8% butanol, 4% isopropyl alcohol and 52.5% water. The optimized blank and drug-loaded micro emulsions had average particle sizes of 68.7 nm and 71.6 nm, respectively and these values remained constant after being diluted with dextrose 25 times. A three-month stability investigation at 4 and 25°C verified the findings of the cefixime chemical and micro emulsion physical tests. Erythrocytes appeared to tolerate cefixime micro emulsions well according to in vitro hemolysis experiments. Cefixime's unique micro emulsion formulation, which is appropriate for parenteral administration, was created. In comparison to the existing marketable formulation of cefixime based on voxpime® and isopropyl alcohol solution, this novel formulation may have fewer side effects related to vehicles.

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