In Vitro Antioxidant and Thrombolytic Activity of Artocarpus chaplasha Leaves | Abstract

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In Vitro Antioxidant and Thrombolytic Activity of Artocarpus chaplasha Leaves

Author(s): Bashudeb Talukder, MD Forhad Hossain, Rukhor Uddin Mubarok, Nurul Absar, Md Sahdat Hossain, Tanzina Sharmin Nipun and SM Moazzem Hossain

Background: Herbal preparations were always used in our treatment from ancient times due to their convenience in case of little or no toxicity. This study was aimed to assess the antioxidant and thrombolytic properties of a plant Artocarpus chaplasha. Therefore, methanolic, ethanolic, ethyl acetate and chloroform extract from the leaves of Artocarpus chaplasha were studied. Methods: The extract were subjected to various in vitro methods like DPPH free radical scavenging activity, reducing power efficacy, total flavonoid content, total phenolic content to qualify and quantify the antioxidant potential. In addition, percent clot lysis activity of the extract were also studied. Result: From the result, it could be disclose that all the extract show antioxidant capacity and ethyl acetate extract show strongest antiradical activity with an IC50 value of 60 μg/ml in comparison to 6.12 μg/ml for standard ascorbic acid. The extract also possess flavonoid and phenolic content and among the extracts ethyl acetate extract also possess highest flavonoid and phenolic content. Percent clot lysis activity were in the range of 16.145% to 55.98% in comparison to 65% and 4.5% produced by positive control streptokinase and negative control water respectively. Percent clot lysis value accounted highest (55.98%) in case of ethyl acetate extract. Trial registration: For experimental clinical study on animal trial registration and permission was issued from departmental clinical ethical review committee, department of pharmacy, university of Chittagong. The trail registration reference number is ERC/DP/CU/2015/0012. Conclusion: Ethyl acetate extract exhibit maximum antiradical activity and thrombolytic activity, however lower than the positive control ascorbic acid and streptokinase.

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