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Isolation and Characterization of Antibacterial Endophytic Bacteria from Mangrove Plants at Kapo-Kapo and Setan Islands, West Sumatra Indonesia

Author(s): Anthoni Agustien, Akmal Djamaan, Yetria Rilda, Nasril Nasir

Endophytic bacteria is a group of microorganisms that have an important role in secondary metabolite income. Leaf sampling from mangrove plants was done purposive random sampling. Isolation of endophytic bacteria with spread plate method. Screening of endophytics for antibactrial producing is done by paper disc method. Five antibacterial bacterial isolates were obtained on mangrove leaf, three isolates had inhibition zone against Escherchia coli bacteria, four isolates had inhibition zone against Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and two bacterial isolates against both test bacteria. Physiological characterization and biochemical test were obtained for four suspected species, Enterobacter sp., Bacillus sp.1, Klebsiella sp. and Bacillus sp.2.

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