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Molecular docking and Invitro cytotoxicity activity of styryl compound against the HeLa cancer cell line from the extract of crotolaria medicaginea

Author(s): Panneerselvam Kalaivani and Mannuthusamy Gopalakrishnan*.

Background: Stilbene compounds occur in some type of plant species, they preventing many disorder and illness. Recently focus a number of researches in medicine and plant physiology similarly to have emerged as promising molecules that probably have an effect on human health.

 Methods: In these review, the aim of present study evaluated the stilbene compound from the methanolic extract of plant, crotolaria medicaginea. The compound was isolated and evaluated for their molecular docking studies using BIO-VIA Discovery studio and cytotoxicity activity towards human cervical cancer cell line (HeLa) by using MTT colorimetric assay techniques.

Results: The IC50 (half maximal inhibitory concentration) value of the controlled compound was determined. It confirmed a percentage of cell viability of 97% at 35.64µg/ml. The docking studies reveal that the isolated compound inside 4j96 protein showed a minimum CDOCKER score. The structure had been elucidated on the basis of FT-IR, 1H and 13C NMR spectral studies, the results of these studies have been confirmed the isolated compound.

Conclusion: the present investigation concluded that the extracted compound has shown to be a potent invitro anticancer activity against the human cervical cancer Hela cell line and docking studies.


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