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Nematicidal Activity of Four Medicinal Plants Extracts against Meloidogyne Spp.

Author(s): Senhaji B, Mziouid A, Chebli B, Mayad EH, Ferji Z

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of organics and aqueous extracts of some aromatic and medicinal plants harvested in Agadir region (Morocco), against second stage juveniles of Meloidogyne spp. The four plants used are: Asteriscus imbricatus, Lavendula dentata, Pulicaria mauritanica and Globularia alypum. The best results were obtained with A. imbricatus extracts: petroleum ether and chloroform extracts induced respectively 89, 31% and 92, 71% of mortality at 2000 ppm, while the aqueous induced 78, 76% of mortality at 20000 ppm. For this reason these extracts have been tested against Meloidogyne spp in vivo. The results of in vivo test showed that both nonpolar extracts petroleum ether and chloroform of A. imbricatus have an important nematicidal activity at 6000 ppm similar to the effect of chemical nematicid, while the aqueous extract was ineffective. Then the organic extracts of this plant were subjected to a phytochemical screening to get an overview on their metabolites secondary composition. The results showed that the effective extracts in vitro and in vivo are distinguished by the presence of terpenes. The activity demonstrated by A. imbricatus was good enough to propose this plant for further studies at greenhouse and field stages to determine its efficacy in soil.