Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Computational Chemistry


Solvent-Free Synthesis and Antimicrobial Potential of Some (2E)-4-methoxyphenyl Chalcones

Author(s): Thirunarayanan G, Vijayakumar S

About nine 4-methoxyphenyl enones were synthesized by microwave assisted Crossed-Aldol condensation of 4-methoxyacetophenone and substituted benzaldehydes in the presence of FeCl3/Bentonite catalyst under microwave irradiation. These enones were characterized by melting points, micro analysis and spectroscopic data. The antimicrobial potential of these enones was tested by Bauer-Kirby disc diffusion method. Many of the 4-methoxyphenyl enones shows antimicrobial potential against their microbes.

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