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Synthesis and characterization of Fe(III)-azomethine complex

Author(s): M. M. Kalaskar and M. P. Wadekar

The present study is being down on synthesis of chelating agent, which might have selectively for single metal ion. In the view of these consideration the chelating nature of azomethine derived from the para-aminobenzoic acid and substituted benzaldehyde towards the metal ions mainly Fe(III) is undertaken. Many fold aspects of complexasation of these azomethine is still lacking. Thus it was decided to undertake such work, the synthesis, characterization of some azomethine and study their magnetic susceptibility after complexarion. The synthesis of azomethine and Fe(III) complexes still not mentioned in any record because of the oxidizing nature of Fe(II) ion in solution. Therefore, the main aim of azomethine complexes and to study their magnetic susceptibility.