Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Some Novel 9-Benzylpurine Derivatives | Abstract

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Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Some Novel 9-Benzylpurine Derivatives

Author(s): Arvinder Pal Singh* and Noolvi MN

Preparation of 9-benzylpurine derivatives is a tough task to any synthetic chemist. 2, 6-dichloropurine is firstly prepared for synthesizing novel 9-benzylpurine derivatives. This dihalopurine can be prepared from both Xanthine and Adenine and their comparison w.r.t percentage yield, purity was done. This prepared dihalopurine was benzylated and two isomers having N-Benzylation at 9- and 7-position of dihalopurine was reported. These formed two isomers were separated by column chromatography. After separation, we have synthesized 6-(2-furyl)-9benzylpurine by Stile Coupling reaction. Then, 6-(2-furyl)-9-benzylpurine was aminated to form novel 9-benzylpurine derivatives. The synthesized novel compounds were identified initially by TLC by marking spots of intermediate compound and final formed product on TLC plate using solvent CHCl3: Me OH (8.5:1.5). Then, their further characterization was done by I.R, 1HNMR, 13CNMR and Mass Spectral data.

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