Synthesis of 7- (Ethylaryl) Theophylline DDandeacute;rivatives from Acyclovir | Abstract

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Synthesis of 7- (Ethylaryl) Theophylline DDérivatives from Acyclovir

Author(s): Sagne Jacques Akpa*, GbeGondo Didier Diomande, Venance Martial Say and Ané Adjou

In the search for new antiviral drugs, we decided to synthesize new acyclovir derivatives which are widely used in the treatment of Herpes. This work consisted of exploring the positon-7 of theophylline by alkyl halides, which led to compounds 3a-b. The introduction of chloroaryl and thioaryl groups on the latter allowed to obtain compounds 5a-c and 7a-b. The chemical structures of all synthesized compounds were determined by 1 H, 13 C NMR and electron impact mass spectrometry.


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