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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Evaluation on Interaction of Anticancer Drug Bicalutamide with DNA

Author(s): Umar J Pandit, Gowhar A Naikoo, Gulzar A Khan, Sneha Wankar, Imran Khan, Raj KK, Limaye SN

Differential Pulse (DP) voltammetry, spectrophotometry, fluorescence emission spectroscopy and docking simulations were employed to investigate the interaction of an anticancer drug Bicalutamide (BIC) with CT-DNA (Calf thymus-DNA). At modified single walled carbon nanotube carbon paste (SWCNT-CP) electrode the anticancer drug BIC produced a well-defined cathodic reduction peak which decreased on addition of CT-DNA. On increasing concentrations of CT-DNA no shift of peak potential of BIC was observed, characteristic of Groove binding mode of interaction. A binding constant (K) of 2.13 × 106 M-1 was determined by DP voltammetric method. In addition, the interaction of BIC with CT-DNA was further examined by spectrophotometric and fluorescent emission techniques. Interestingly, the binding constants (K) obtained through spectrophotometric method and voltammetric technique was in close agreement. However, the groove binding interaction of drug and DNA was also revealed by spectroscopic studies which were supported by theoretical docking studies.

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