A Comparative Study of Physical and Chemical Parameters of Selected Paracetamol Tablets Available in the Pharma Market of Libya | Abstract

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A Comparative Study of Physical and Chemical Parameters of Selected Paracetamol Tablets Available in the Pharma Market of Libya

Author(s): Osama IG Khreit, Hanan AM Alkailani and Wala SK Alqathafi

Quality of any pharmaceutical product is very important because drugs must be marketed as safe and therapeutically active formulations whose performance is consistent and predictable. Evaluation of the physiochemical properties of the pharmaceutical products can ensure their quality as well as bioavailability and impart optimum therapeutic activity. Paracetamol tablet was chosen for this comparative study because it is widely used worldwide for treating moderate to severe pain and fever. In this present study was compared the weight variation, hardness and assessment of state content of ten brands of paracetamol tablets marketed in Libya following USP/BP guidelines. All ten brands of paracetamol tested conformed to the USP/BP weight variation test. All the brands had average hardness of ≥79 N, which was satisfactory for immediate release of tablet like paracetamol. Nevertheless, the standard deviations in hardness of the most brands were remarkably high. All the brands had shown their friability variation within ± 1% range specified by USP/BP, and standard deviation of friability was calculated among all the brands which were very close to individual percentage friability of all the brands. High performance liquid chromatography was used to determine Paracetamol content, and seven brands showed good chemical analysis profile which would further help in achieving optimum bioavailability and in fulfilling the patient demands. The other three brands (Panadol (Tunisia), Parol (Turkey) and paracetamol tablet (UK)) failed the content of active ingredient and did not comply with specification according to their state of content.

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