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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Computational Chemistry

Naga Sesha Sai Pavan Kumar Chebolu

Department of Sciences and Humanities, Chemistry Division, Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology & Research, Vadlamudi, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh-522 213, India


  • Research Article   
    Reversed Phase-UPLC Separation Analysis of Amitriptyline and Pregabalin from Their Degradants
    Author(s): Srikanth Kanithi and Naga Sesha Sai Pavan Kumar Chebolu*

    A simple, expeditious, and explicit stability-indicating Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) analytical method was developed and validated for the quantitative analysis of Amitriptyline and Pregabalin in bulk drugs and combined dosage formulations. The method was validated by using Acquity UPLC HSS C18 (100 mm × 1.8 μ) column, the column temperature was maintained at 25°C and the run time 3 min. The mobile phase was a mixture of Mobile Phase: A–Acetonitrile, B–0.1% Ortho Phosphoric acid in water, injection volume of samples was 1 μl and the UV detection λmax at 256 nm. The retention times were discerned as 1.76, 2.11 min and the linearity range was covered from 2.5 μg/ml to 15 μg/ml, 18.75 μg/ml to 112.5 μg/ml of Amitriptyline and Pregabalin respectively. The validation of the method established as .. Read More»

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